While we hope these conditions need not come into effect, they are important to establish for both the safety of your website and of our company:

  1. All setup costs are non-refundable.
  2. Monthly campaign payments will start on the 1st day of the month following the payment of the setup and no monthly work shall be carried out until this payment is received.
  3. Monthly campaign payments are non-refundable and require 4 weeks notice for cancellation.
  4. MicroClicker do not guarantee increase in rankings for any keywords in Google or increases in visitors.
  5. Not all of the work specified in the proposal supplied may be actioned. It is the decision of MicroClicker as to which of the specified sections of work is carried out.
  6. MicroClicker holds no responsibility for the integrity of a client’s website. Should a website break during an SEO campaign, it is the responsibility of the website’s owner to have it fixed at a cost to the owner, not to Get Manic Limited.

All conditions are agreed to by the client on receipt of the first payment from the client to MicroClicker.com.